12 Reasons Why Bears Are The Absolute Worst

The. Worst. Especially with all the honey they’ve been stealing. Fortunately Jim Beam® Honey is suing the bears to protect the honey bees. Literally. Follow #suethebears for all the latest action.

1. Oh, really, bears? You think you’re cute? I’ve got news for you… you’re the polar opposite.

ID: 1113467

2. And your manners, they’re absolutely un-bear-able.

ID: 1113482

3. It’s ap-paw-lling how rude you are. Always waving at us humans when we have places to be.

ID: 1113487

4. And picking fights.

ID: 1113556

5. Oh, did I em-bear-ass you?

ID: 1113503

6. Stop staring like you want to eat us. Or steal our honey.

ID: 1159630

7. Whenever you all get together it’s panda-monium.

ID: 1113714

8. You always look like you’re up to no good.

ID: 1113547

9. Seriously, what’s going on, back there?

ID: 1113535

10. Oh right, you’re stealing things.

ID: 1159691

11. Or trying to steal things.

ID: 1133132

12. And all we can do is grin and bear it.

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