This Guy Might Be The Coolest Stay-At-Home Dad Ever

A dad responds to negative comments about his parenting with some pretty awesome photos.

1. Brian Reda is a photographer and stay-at-home dad.

Brian Reda /

He’s been documenting life with his first son, Livingston, with photos like this one.

ID: 3045137

2. Yesterday he posted this photo on Reddit, and his hardcore hand gesture was met with some backlash.

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045245

3. In response, he uploaded even more photos.

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045207

4. “Some people put up quite the stink about the “metal hand” in the picture of my son at the zoo,” he wrote.

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045210

5. “I’m a stay-at-home dad and [this is] the way I’ve chosen to document our life together.”

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045212

6. “So suck it. Dad life is metal.”

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045213

7. But there’s more to the story than just a really metal dad.

Brian Reda /

As a photographer, Reda says he’s always looking for unique ways to visually communicate. “The photos prior to my first “Dad Life” image were cute and served the purpose of capturing him in all his infant glory,” he told BuzzFeed.

ID: 3045450

8. Instead of taking photos of just his son, Reda says the hand gesture makes him part of the story, too.

Brian Reda /

“I know that sounds selfish, especially in our selfie-crazed culture, but the series is about our relationship. It’s about us. It’s about being father and son.”

ID: 3045455

9. “We’re a little team,” he said.

Brian Reda /

“When he glances at the camera he’s connecting with Dad and the audience vicariously experiences our relationship. “

ID: 3045474

10. Reda’s captured all the important moments of parenthood, from the easy ones…

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045220

11. …to the hard ones.

Brian Reda /

When one hand is rocking out it’s hard to hold groceries AND a baby.

ID: 3045226

12. From the fun stuff…

Brian Reda /

(Half a candle for a half birthday.)

ID: 3045230

13. …to the not-so-fun.

Brian Reda /

Maybe he should hang out with these dads.

ID: 3045238
Brian Reda /
ID: 3045234
Brian Reda /
ID: 3045218

16. And while Reda agrees dad life is pretty much the most metal thing there is…

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045232

17. …he says the most metal award goes to his wife, Angela.

Brian Reda /

“Who carried him, birthed him, nurses him, and now supports us,” Reda says.

ID: 3045477

18. Rock on, Metal Dad.

Brian Reda /
ID: 3045282

19. Check out more photos of Metal Dad Life on Imgur here.

ID: 3045285

20. Check out more photos of Metal Dad Life on Imgur and on Reda’s Instagram.

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