14 Exercises You Can Do While Lying Down

It’s rest-ercize. Halfway between yoga and a nap.

1. This Butt-Sculpting Lift

The movement is incredibly small but effective. Directions here.

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2. These Leg Spinners

Work those abs. More here.

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3. The Locust

Liiiift! Then rest forever. See how here.

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4. The Peddler

Bonus: This leg toner also helps prevent varicose veins! Directions here.

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5. The Side Kick

Works your legs, core, butt, hips and thighs. And you don’t even have to get out of bed! See more here.

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6. The Leg Twist

It’s also a stretch for sore backs…which you can get from too much lying down. Instructions here.

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7. Do the clam.

This exercise targets your outer thighs, and you can even do it while you’re watching TV! Full directions here.

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8. Prone Leg Lifts

Strengthens your Paraspinal muscles. Sounds important. See how to do these here.

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9. The Side Leg Lifts

Minimal effort. Maximum gluteal strength. Instructions here.

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10. The Back Extension and Rotation

Tightens your abs. See how to do it here.

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11. The Cobra

Stretch and arm workout in one. Directions here.

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12. The Lying Arm Circle

It’s pilates that even you can do. Lean how here.

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13. This Entire Workout

Perhaps your in-bed workout routine can be your “bridge” to fitness. See the video here.

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14. And of course, Horizontal Running.

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