23 Insanely Clever Products For Your Small Space

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

1. This shelf that also has hooks.

From the geniuses at Ikea, obvs.

ID: 2755618

2. This baby seat that is also a rocker.


Get it here.

ID: 2755255

3. This clock that also has shelves.

Available here.

ID: 2761175

4. This outlet cover that’s also a night light.


It only uses about $.05 of power a year. Get them here.

ID: 2755375

5. This ottoman that turns into an extra bed.


Available here.

ID: 2755724

6. This shelf that also holds your bike.

Get it here.

ID: 2761193

7. This storage ottoman that turns into five separate seats

ID: 2761166

8. This chair that becomes a ladder.

Get it here.

ID: 2761205

9. This table that has built-in bowls/flower pots.


Candy > plants. Get your own here.

ID: 2761182

10. This table that is also a dog bed.

Get it here.

ID: 2761273

11. This DIY stool that also stores magazines or newspapers.


It’s not hoarding if you make something useful out of it. (Right??!?!) Available here.

ID: 2761202

12. This table that is also a planter.

Available here.

ID: 2761228

13. This bench that stores your shoes.

Get it here. Or, DIY a version.

ID: 2761286

14. This cradle that turns into a desk.


Get it here.

ID: 2761222

15. This hall table that really extends itself.


Get one here.

ID: 2761334

16. This desk lamp that charges your iPhone.

Get it here.

ID: 2761824

17. Or this one.

Get one here.

ID: 2761710

18. This floor lamp that holds your books AND charges your phone.


What a show off. Get one here.

ID: 2761848

19. This coffee table that lifts up to be a desk.


Get it here.

ID: 2761439

20. This DIY lamp that is also a bulletin board.

Check it out here.

ID: 2761730

21. This rustic console table that also stores your wine.

Get it here.

ID: 2761172

22. This DIY artwork that also hides valuables.

Get the DIY instructions here.

ID: 2761777

23. This decorative pillow that also speaks for you.


Enough said. Get yours here.

ID: 2761320

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