28 Things All Girls With Big Feet Will Understand


1. When a guy has big feet, he gets to make jokes about it…

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2. …but when a girl has big feet, she’s doomed.

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3. You go to your favorite shoe store hoping that maybe *this* time they’ll have your size.

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4. But, no.

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5. Never.

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6. Even when you shop online, bigger sizes are considered “Special Sizes.”

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7. You hate going to fancy shoe stores because you know the jokes are coming.

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“My, what big feet you have!”

~bye forever.~

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8. You have literally tripped over your own feet.

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On many occasions.

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9. This scene is way too familiar.

And forget about sale sections. It’s like a barren wasteland.

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10. This truth bomb hits close to home.

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks.........except for me because they actually have normal shoe sizes #BigFeetProblems

— Big Feet Problems (@BigFeetProblems)
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11. You look at girls with tiny dainty feet and imagine what it’s like.

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12. When you wear red shoes, you feel like an actual clown.

I can't wear red shoes cuz the clowns get jealous #BigFeetProblems

— Big Feet Problems (@BigFeetProblems)
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13. Any bright colored shoes end up looking cartoonishly big.

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14. The ankles on big shoes are always stupidly wide.

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15. No one seems to understand that not all women’s feet are the same width.

Buying men's shoes cause no one makes wide shoes for women #bigfeetproblems

— Sam McIlveen (@SamMcIlveen)
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16. Packing is the worst because shoes take up your whole bag.

Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t need any clothes.

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17. You can never borrow shoes from anyone.

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18. Except all your guy friends.

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19. One size sock does NOT fit all.

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20. Sandals are a real problem.

But where are my toes supposed to go?

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21. And forget about trying to find vintage shoes that fit.

Did EVERYONE have tiny feet in the 80s?

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22. Footie Pajamas are definitely not an option.

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23. You’ve had toe clevage since before it was a thing.

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24. It’s like everything was designed to remind you how big your feet are.

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25. When a store actually has your size, this is how it looks to everyone else.

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26. But at least you know you’d be good at barefoot skiiing.

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27. And when you stand on your tiptoes you’re a whole foot taller.

Twentieth-Century Fox

(Get it?)

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28. And, you’re in very good company.

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