What It’s Like Shopping At Forever 21

You know you probably shouldn’t do it. But you do it.

1. You head to the mall, and eventually you end up here:

ID: 1131361

2. You walk in like, this is gonna be great!

ID: 1126071

3. The security guard or salesperson says hello, and you’re like:

ID: 1131078

4. Then you see racks on racks on racks on racks of clothes, and you start to get overwhelmed:

ID: 1131092

5. Everything is neon yellow.

ID: 1131205

6. All those $5.80 T-shirts are, shockingly, see-through.

ID: 1131278

7. There are even…crop tops.

ID: 1131487

8. You finally find a cute sundress, but there are 10 extra-smalls and no mediums:

ID: 1131123

9. You go stand in the fitting-room line, which is now longer than the Great Wall of China.

ID: 1131586

10. Once you get in, it’s a MILLION degrees in there.

ID: 1131499

11. The hanger hook you have to share with the person next to you keeps moving:

ID: 1131504

12. And in the curtain across the way, three tweens are talking loudly about boys, and you’re just like:

ID: 1131178

13. You’re like, let’s just get this over with.

ID: 1131162

14. You try on the dress in your normal size, but it was made for teens who don’t have hips, so you feel like:

ID: 1131183

15. But there’s NO WAY you’re waiting in that dressing-room line again:

ID: 1131297

16. So you just grab it in an XL like, I got this:

ID: 1131310

17. Then, since you’re already buying something, you decide you can also get a $8.80 necklace.

ID: 1131381

18. Then you see a ring that you KNOW will turn your finger green, but you’re still like:

ID: 1131471

19. Then next weekend you try to return the dress because it didn’t fit, and the salesperson informs you of the return policy and you’re like:

ID: 1131331

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