27 Things Vegetarians Get Really Good At

For everyone who celebrates Take Your Box of Veggie Burgers to the BBQ Day.

1. “Where’s Waldo”-ing the hidden meat in pasta salads.

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You have become the Annie Oakley of spotting bacon in potato salad from three miles away.

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2. Interrogating waiters (nicely).

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3. Bringing your own veggie burgers to your friend’s cookout.

{casually slides MorningStar patty onto grill as far away as possible from hamburgers}

ID: 2895161

4. Living off Amy’s products.

Pro tip: the burritos make excellent drunk food!

ID: 2895474

5. Making a mean peanut butter and jelly.


You’ve basically graduated from the Le Cordon PB&J.

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6. Eating a LOT of pasta at restaurants.


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7. Reading ingredient labels like a ninja.


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8. Ignoring people who say things like, “Hitler was a vegetarian, so I can’t trust you.”

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9. “So you wouldn’t eat a burger for a million dollars?”

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10. “Can you eat animal crackers? Ha ha!”

ID: 2895561

11. “But how do you get enough pr—”

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12. Being the one person to reply to invitations that ask if anyone has any dietary restrictions.

Hi, I’m a pain in the ass! Sorry.

ID: 2895733

13. Eating before you go to a wedding.

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Because the dinner will mostly likely look like this, and when you get four champagnes deep on an empty stomach, bad things happen.

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14. Dealing with dates who say they’ll take it as a challenge to “break you” and get you to eat meat.

ID: 2895650

15. Bringing your own lunch to work, because fast food has pretty much zero options for you.

ID: 2895038

16. Avoiding chicken broth.

And beef broth (French onion soup). And fish broth (most ramen).

ID: 2895332

17. Feeling less guilty when a host makes you your own special vegetarian entree.


No! It’s OK! I’ll bring my own! Please don’t worry about it! — OK, that looks really good, though, and everyone else will eat it too.

ID: 2895504

18. Assembling a cute plate of side dishes at Thanksgiving and holidays.


ID: 2895531

19. Making sure to ask if the restaurant’s veggie burger is homemade.

Once you’ve paid $14.99 for a sad Boca patty on a bun, you’ll never make this mistake again.

ID: 2896069

20. Handling places where the salad option is basically this:

Shutterstock / oksana2010 / Via

Here’s looking at you, McDonald’s.

ID: 2895606

21. Having really good snack game.

Hummus + pretzel crisps = is this heaven?

ID: 2896166

22. Turning down 75% of the free samples at Costco.

Even though it hurts.

ID: 2895619

23. Being sarcastic with people who are like, “But it’s fish! Here, just try it!”

ID: 2895664

24. Watching out for gelatin.

Marshmallows. :(

ID: 2895752

25. Bringing home an A+ farmers’ market haul.

ID: 2895904

26. Explaining that this isn’t all you eat.

Plain tofu is pretty gross, tbh.

ID: 2895859

27. Enjoying a life built around so many meat-free AND delicious foods!

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