The Happiest Puppies Of All Time

Because we could all use a puppy break!

1. These guys who always trust in the healing power of a sunny day.

ID: 1078699

2. This puppy who’s taking some quiet time to enjoy a spectacular view.

ID: 1078671

3. This puppy who understands the awesomeness of new clean sheets.

ID: 1078887

4. This puppy who’s looking on the bright side.

ID: 1078677

5. This puppy who knows spring always comes after winter.

ID: 1078801

6. These pups who know that it’s the little things that count — like a fun car ride.

ID: 1078711

7. These puppies who are excited to just hug their loved ones.

ID: 1078730

8. This puppy who’s counting her blessings.

ID: 1078738

9. This puppy who knows that spending time in nature can be really good therapy.

ID: 1078817

10. This puppy who knows we’ll all be OK in the end.

ID: 1078849

11. This guy who’s totally hanging in there.

ID: 1078752

12. This puppy who’s spending some quality time with her family.

ID: 1078884

13. This guy who knows laughter is the best medicine.

ID: 1078759

14. This puppy who knows we’re totally going to pull through.

ID: 1078796

15. This puppy who’s finding joy in the simple things.

ID: 1078805

16. This puppy whose spirit won’t be quenched.

ID: 1078822

17. This puppy who’s got her chin up and is keeping it there.

ID: 1078837

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