27 Signs You’re In A Serious Relationship With Hot Sauce

Love is hot. Love is spicy. Love burns inside me.

1. If your sinuses haven’t turned to Nickelodeon Gak and dripped out your nose after a meal, you feel empty and unsatisfied.

ID: 1654938

2. You have YOUR brand.

ID: 1655043

3. Or, let’s be honest, BRANDS.

ID: 1653426

4. You saturate everything with hot sauce before you even taste it because, come on.

ID: 1655464

5. You have EXTREME emotions about being either pro- or anti-Tabasco.

ID: 1654130

6. AND Sriracha. Don’t even get you STARTED on Sriracha.

ID: 1654820

7. Your friends only made the mistake of asking for a bite of your Thai food once.

ID: 1655108

8. You laugh in the face of threatening hot sauce names.

ID: 1655619

9. And labels.

ID: 1655379

10. You have a favorite flavor of Cholula.

ID: 1654673

11. When choosing your packets at Taco Bell, you have only one request:

ID: 1655176

12. You are solely responsible for your office’s hot sauce stash, and you curate it with the intensity of an art director at the Louvre.

ID: 1653452

13. This is what your eggs always look like:

ID: 1653468

14. Your co-workers ask you for advice about which kind of hot sauce to use on their lunches.

ID: 1655567

15. Everyone else after they eat kimchee:

ID: 1655504

16. You:

ID: 1655545

17. Your kitchen utensils have melted under the power of the SAUCE.

ID: 1654468

18. You carry your own personal bottle around wherever you go.

ID: 1654913

19. You’ve eaten so much hot sauce that this is you eating those peppers at the Olive Garden:

ID: 1655135

20. You keep at least one bottle on your desk for bland-lunch emergencies.

ID: 1655182

21. When you spot another person dousing their food in the sauce, you’re like:

ID: 1655195

22. This is what the backseat of your car looks like:

ID: 1655243

23. Your friends bring you back hot sauce souvenirs from their travels.

ID: 1655312

24. Your local restaurant server knows all about your addiction — and is always prepared.

ID: 1655396

25. You’ve started several fights by insisting on visiting hot sauce stores when you’re on a family vacation.

ID: 1655417

26. OR you’ve planned a whole trip around a hot sauce EXPO.

ID: 1655430

27. You’re pretty sure your tastebuds have gone the way of Charlie Sheen’s career, but you don’t care because THIS IS LOVE.

ID: 1653500

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