How Well Do You REALLY Know The Disney Princesses?

Think you’re a Disney expert? Find out if you’re really so buff on your knowledge of Belle, Ariel, Pocahontas, Tiana, Jasmine, and the rest of the gang.

  1. 1. Which princess is the first one to be seen praying?
    1. Sleeping Beauty
    2. Cinderella
    3. Snow White
    4. Jasmine
  2. 2. Why was Ariel drawn as a redhead?
    1. To differentiate her from Daryl Hannah in “Splash”
    2. Because red hair would stand out best amidst the underwater backdrop
    3. To set her apart from all the blonde princesses
    4. To represent her fiery, independent personality
  3. 3. Which princess has a visible tattoo?
    1. Mulan
    2. Tiana
    3. Rapunzel
    4. Pocahontas
  4. 4. In which century is "Sleeping Beauty" set?
    1. 1300s
    2. 1500s
    3. 1600s
    4. 1800s
  5. 5. Tiana is the first princess to:
    1. Be left-handed
    2. Wear pants
    3. Have a job
    4. Be shown as a little girl
  6. 6. Cinderella's shoe size is:
    1. 4.5
    2. 5.5
    3. 6.5
    4. 7.5
  7. 7. Belle is the only princess who doesn't sing her movie's theme song (in this case, "Beauty and the Beast"). Instead, it's sung by:
    1. The feather duster
    2. Mrs. Potts
    3. Lumiere
    4. Cogsworth
  8. 8. Mulan is the first princess to:
    1. Have a horse companion
    2. Have both her parents in the film
    3. Not marry a prince
    4. Cut her hair
  9. 9. The youngest Disney princess, at 14, is:
    1. Snow White
    2. Jasmine
    3. Ariel
    4. Merida
  10. 10. True or false: two princesses were involved with Prince Charming.
    1. True
    2. False
  11. 11. Which of these princesses isn't married at the end of her movie?
    1. Tiana
    2. Ariel
    3. Cinderella
    4. Jasmine
  12. 12. Merida is the third princess to have blue eyes. The first two are:
    1. Aurora and Ariel
    2. Ariel and Belle
    3. Aurora and Cinderella
    4. Ariel and Cinderella
  13. 13. Ariel's face and personality were modeled after which actress?
    1. Molly Ringwald
    2. Jennifer Jason Leigh
    3. Alyssa Milano
    4. Jennifer Beals
  14. 14. The dance between Belle and her prince is actually reused animation from:
    1. Aurora and Phillip’s dance
    2. Ariel and Eric’s dance
    3. Snow White and her prince’s dance
    4. Jasmine and Aladdin’s dance
  15. 15. Kim Kardashian famously dressed as which princess for Halloween in 2009?
    1. Snow White
    2. Belle
    3. Mulan
    4. Jasmine

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