27 Chow Chow Puppies Too Fuzzy For Their Own Good

It’s not easy being “OMG so fluffy!”

1. These guys who were told they’d never get a job with long hair like that.

ID: 951881

2. This guy who’s tired of your squishing all the time.

ID: 951883

3. This puppy who reminds you, yet again, that she ISN’T too cute and small to be a real puppy.

ID: 951886

4. These guys who wish you’d take their play seriously instead of pinching their cheeks.

ID: 951892

5. These guys who think your baby talk is cute, but enough is enough.

ID: 951896

6. This aspiring actress puppy who is too adorable to get cast in any serious roles.

ID: 951986

7. This puppy who wishes you’d stop interrupting her research to tell her she’s the “cutest widdle dog in the whole world!!!”

ID: 951899

8. This puppy who doesn’t need your cute jokes about how she looks like she used too much fabric softener on herself.

ID: 951921

9. This puppy who just has more to love, OKAY??

ID: 951927

10. These guys who have work to do and can’t cuddle with you ALL day.

ID: 951930

11. These guys who will only come to your birthday party if you promise not to pet them TOO much.

ID: 951938

12. This puppy whose hairdresser charges him extra for a haircut.

ID: 951947

13. These guys who can’t ALL be nicknamed Fuzz Lightyear.

ID: 952017

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