21 Important Style Lessons From Disney Princesses

Always match your earrings to your pet tiger.

1. The right dress can make you feel really great.

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2. REALLY great.

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3. Really, REALLY great.

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4. If you want a Cindy Crawford-style beauty mark, you can always DIY it.

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5. Tie your hair up in a topknot to keep it out of the way while you work around the house.

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6. A pair of dainty, dangly earrings will make boys forget all about your crappy table manners.

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7. Bangs are a great way to spice up your look.

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8. And the colors of the wind are the perfect, eco-friendly blow-dryer.

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9. Always try on an outfit before you buy it (or at least dance around with it).

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10. A bow brightens up any bodice. Even if it’s not sewn on by magical birds.

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11. …But probably skip the crown, unless you’re a REAL princess.

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12. Always match your earrings to your tiger.

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13. A handkerchief hem bohos-up any look – even if you’re royalty.

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14. Get your hair cut before it gets TOTALLY out of control.

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15. If you’re still fighting flyaways, though, a scarf can hide any bad hair day.

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16. But a big hair bow will make you look a little…evil.

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17. A red lip is classic.

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18. And no outfit is complete without the perfect shoe.

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19. Tweezing your own eyebrows is fine, but don’t do your boyfriend’s, because he’ll be a total baby.

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20. Always make your man match his tux to your dress.

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21. And remember, it’s totally OK to check out your reflection, you gorgeous thing, you.

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