14 Cats Being Subservient To Dogs

The way the good Lord intended it.

1. This cat who is careful to use just the right amount of pressure.

ID: 931322

2. This cat who makes an A+ tail resting pad.

ID: 931384

3. This cat who wouldn’t DREAM of trying to be the outside spoon.

ID: 931389

4. This cat who totally lied on his personal assistant application about being cool under pressure.

ID: 931424

5. This cat who’s doing a satisfactory job as this dog’s personal tongue scratcher.

ID: 931481

6. This cat whose dancing needs some work if it’s going to impress the boss.

ID: 931497

7. This cat who makes a decent scratching post.

ID: 931570

8. This cat who, bless his heart, is trying so so hard.

ID: 931619

9. This cat who’d better get the knots out or she’s not getting a tip.

ID: 931635

10. This cat who works hard as this dog’s personal teeth brusher.

ID: 934548

11. This cat who knows better than to not serve dessert.

ID: 931680

12. This kitten who’s learned to be an excellent hairdresser.

ID: 932183

13. This cat who makes an OK blanket.

ID: 932168

14. This cat who just wants to absorb some canine awesomeness by osmosis.

ID: 931934

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