13 Pandas Who Aren’t Even Trying Anymore

What’s the point of it all.

1. Wanda gave up trying to marry for love and just married for hotness.

ID: 968166

2. Bob said he couldn’t come to your birthday party because his mom was in town, but he really just wanted to lie on the couch wolfing Funyuns.

ID: 968186

3. Maybe Edward will just live at home forever.

ID: 968197

4. Sheila would ask for a raise, but her boss would probably just say no anyway.

ID: 968212

5. Shhh, Jake’s last tweet was just an old Rob Delaney joke.

ID: 968270

6. Rufus “didn’t get” your text message, his phone “must be broken.”

ID: 968216

7. Foursquare just informed Steve he’s been at a bar twelve weeks in a row, and he was like, “no shit.”

ID: 968222

8. Richard wrote a thinkpiece about how much “Girls” sucks but MegaVideoed all of season two on Saturday night.

ID: 968306

9. Victoria wore leggings as pants today. And yesterday.

ID: 968235

10. Francis Seamlesses from restaurants that are literally a block away.

ID: 968238

11. Lily gives her new OKCupid relationship 4 to 6 weeks, tops, but whatever.

ID: 968248

12. Why would Corrie go to the gym when there are so many episodes of “Walking Dead” in her DVR?

ID: 968302

13. Tanya stopped checking her voicemail to make the notification on her phone go away, and now just ignores it.

ID: 968322

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