11 Reasons Being A Single Slice Of Pizza Really Isn’t That Bad

Ugh, relationships, amirite.

1. Because being in a whole pie is just so cheesy.

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2. Because sometimes the rest of the pizza sees you as just a piece of meat.

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3. Because at the end of a long day, sometimes you just want to veg out on the couch.

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4. You can hang out in sweatpants and no makeup all the time if you want.

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5. When you’re in a pie it’s always like, “Where are you going? When will you be back? Why don’t you want to meet my parents?”

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6. When you’re just a slice, you can really focus on who you are.

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7. I mean, what are you going to do, try OK Cupid again?

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8. Everyone you met on online dating last time was just so crusty.

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9. Plus, who wants to be one of those gross couples posting on each other’s Facebook all the time?

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10. For now, you want to wait for someone who really heats your oven.

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11. Hey, maybe you’re one of those slices that just weren’t meant to be tamed.

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