21 Clues That You’re The Zoidberg Of Your Friend Group

Why not Zoidberg?

1. Despite your best intentions, you never quite fit in.

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2. Maybe because at times your hygiene leaves something to be desired.

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3. And keeping secrets? Forgedaboudit!

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4. Generally you have a one-track mind.

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5. While love and romance seem like foreign concepts you’ll never understand.

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6. So questionable hookups become the norm.

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7. Mainly because you cherish even the smallest amount of attention.

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8. Sometimes you don’t quite realize when people want to be alone.



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9. But it’s always too late to make things not awkward, since you make horrible exits.

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10. Your dance moves, though? Totally fabulous.

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11. Finance is never really something that made sense to you.



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12. So you often make questionable decisions and purchases.

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13. And at times, you may ‘accidentally’ clear out a friend’s fridge.

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14. Sometimes goals seem just out of reach.

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15. In fact, you often just happily expect the worst.



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16. But you know how to be ridiculous, and find pleasure in the small things.

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17. Although you have a problem holding your liquor…

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18. And you have an unfortunate habit of breaking everything you love…

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19. Once the alcohol starts flowing, you know how to let loose…

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20. But alcohol or not, you’re totally chill.

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21. Because at the end of the day, your heart is generally in the right place.

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