Classic Southern Phrases Everyone Should Be Using

We all love the south for various reasons, but a big one is because of the wonderful analogies and colloquialisms that are used there. Check out a few of our most favorite ones to learn how you can incorporate them into some of your daily conversations.


Use When: Describing Justin Bieber, who seems to release new singles every day, is still on his Believe tour, and still finds time to mentor/promote Carly Rae Jepsen.

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Use As: A way to disagree with someone who told you to read “50 Shades of Grey” if you want to learn about men.

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Use When: You’re surprised just how quickly the latest Katherine Heigl movie went straight to DVD.

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Use When: You’re trying to explain how you felt since seeing Tom Cruise’s body in the new “Rock of Ages” trailer.

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Use When: Explaining why you never see Steve Buscemi’s teeth when he smiles.

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Use In: A conversation with someone who believes Donald Trump should really be President.

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Use When: Thinking about how Simon Cowell describes Paula Abdul to his friends.

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Use When: Talking about how Kate Middleton’s entire wardrobe is amazing.

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Use As: A response to your friend who tells you she plans to wine and dine Justin Timberlake away from Jessica Biel.

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Use To: Insult someone who doesn’t believe Bill Murray is all that great.

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Use When: You’ve heard that Bill Cosby “forgot” to tip his waitress again.

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Use To: Tell the Secret Service agent who’s taking the Obama girls to a Beyoncé concert that he won’t need to bring a jacket.

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Inpsired By ZZ Top’s New Song, “I Got To Get Paid,” And Jeremiah Weed, The Best Southern Beverage

Use When: Enjoying all summer has to offer.

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