New Fashion Ads Finally Don’t Look Racist

Judging by seven major fall 2013 campaigns, designers are finally embracing a diverse group of models — not just white ones.

1. Chanel’s Fall 2013 Campaign

Korean model Soo Joo and Japanese model Chiharu Okunugi model for Chanel’s latest ads.

ID: 1332137

2. Just a few seasons ago:

Lindsey Wixson appeared in Chanel’s fall 2012 campaign.

ID: 1332148

Back in 2010, both Freja Beha and Abbey Lee were the label’s faces.

ID: 1332150

4. Dsquared2’s Fall 2013 Campaign

Dsquared2’s new ads include not one, but — count ‘em — SIX Asian faces. From left: Grace Gao, Xiao Wen Ju, Tian Yi, Ming Xi, and Jia Jing.

ID: 1332151

And for its menswear campaign, the label booked Brahim Zaibot, Brad Allen, David Agbodji, Nate Gill, and Salieu Jalloh.

ID: 1332168

6. Just a few seasons ago:

Daria Werbowy for spring 2010.

ID: 1332171

Before that, the label cast a trio of Eastern European faces for spring 2008.

ID: 1332174

8. Etro’s Fall 2013 Campaign

Here’s Korean model Sung Hee Kim in Etro’s new ads. She previously appeared in ads for Prada and Miu Miu.

ID: 1332186

Chinese male model Nan Fulong also appears in the menswear campaign.

ID: 1332192

10. Here’s everyone together!

ID: 1332195

11. Just a few seasons ago:

Here’s the spring 2013 campaign.

ID: 1332218

And a year before that, a Spring 2012 ad.

ID: 1332227

13. Hugo Boss Fall 2013 Campaign

Joan Smalls,’s number one model, stars in this fall 2013 campaign.

ID: 1332232

14. Just a few seasons ago:

Maryland native Hilary Rhoda had a two-season run in 2012.

ID: 1332236

And a year before that, it was Raquel Zimmermann.

ID: 1332238

16. Prada’s Fall 2013 Campaign

British teen Malaika Firth is one lucky chick. She’s the first black model to pose for a Prada campaign since Naomi Campbell 19 years ago in 1994.

ID: 1332259

Top Chinese model Fei Fei Sun also appears in the ads. (Sun became the first Asian model to grace the cover of Vogue Italia, for the January 2013 issue shot by Steven Meisel.)

ID: 1332290

18. Just a few season ago:

A slew of European faces for the label’s spring 2009 ads.

ID: 1332300

And lest you forget, Prada queen Sasha Pivovarova reigned as the brand’s face for six consecutive seasons from fall 2006 to spring 2008.

ID: 1332310

20. Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2013 Campaign

Ethiopian star model Liya Kebede appears with Chinese model Liu Wen and Norwegian model Iselin Steiro for fall 2013.

ID: 1332322

Wen with Steiro again.

ID: 1332337

22. Just a few seasons ago:

Cavalli’s resort campaign from earlier this year.

ID: 1332348

Back in 2011, the label booked Natasha Poly, Karen Elson, and Mariacarla Boscono.

ID: 1332351

24. Tom Ford’s Fall 2013 Campaign

Let’s discuss how beautiful the trio of Gem R, Herieth Paul, and Soo Joo is.

ID: 1332372

One more, just to emphasize the point. Stunning.

ID: 1332376

26. And the men!

From left, Oli Tyler, Conrad Broomfield, and Juan Betancourt.

ID: 1332381

27. Just a few seasons ago:

Dutch model Mirte Maas was the giddy face of Tom Ford’s spring 2012 campaign.

ID: 1332384

And the spring 2010 ads with Carolyn Murphy and actor Nicolas Hoult.

ID: 1332388

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