This Is Why Essos Is Way Better Than Westeros

Why is Daenerys trying to get back to Westeros?

1. You know how in Game of Thrones they’re always talking about how “winter is coming?”

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Yeah, we get it, Ned.

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2. Well, maybe it’s coming to Westeros, but not to beautiful, sunny Essos it ain’t.

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3. Westerosi weather:

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4. Essos weather:

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‘Nuf said.

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5. In addition to being sunny year-round, Essos also doesn’t have to worry about these guys.

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You know, assuming they ever actually show up.

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6. Essos isn’t just warm and ice-zombie free. That big, horrible war over an uncomfortable piece of furniture? Not Essos’ problem.

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7. Which also means that nobody in Essos ever had to deal with this little shit.

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8. Essos is a place for second chances.

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Exiled from crummy, damp Westeros to a tropical paradise? Don’t mind if I do.

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9. The cities in Essos are better. Qarth? Greatest city that was or ever will be.

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10. Winterfell? Not so much.

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11. And how awesome is Braavos?

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12. The Iron Bank of Braavos is apparently the only place in the world with any money.

Everyone in Westeros always comes crawling to Essos when they need money.

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13. Unlike most of Westeros, Essos is a multicultural society.

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(Snow isn’t the only thing that’s white in Westeros.)

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14. Yes, Essos has a slavery problem, but Dany’s working on it.

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Let freedom ring, gurl!

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15. And yeah, you’ll probably die in some horrible fashion in Essos…

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16. …But that’s also true pretty much everywhere in the Game of Thrones world, so you can’t hold that against Essos.

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(See also: Oberyn, Robb, Ros, Ned, Lady, everyone you’ve ever loved or cared about.)

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17. Most importantly, Essos is the best because that’s where Syrio Forel is from.

RIP Syrio. You’re water dancing in our hearts.

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18. So leave the West to the rest, and enjoy the majesty that is Essos.

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