What Miley’s Best Friend Lesley Said About Her VMA Performance

She can probably wait to see it again.

The dust has settled a bit on Miley’s VMA performance.

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And we’ve seen those less than enthused reactions.

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But those closest to Miley seemed to approve. Like her mom:

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And her dad:

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But what about Lesley Patterson, her former childhood best friend?

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They met cheerleading in Tennessee.

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And stayed friends throughout their early teen years, like when Sidekicks were a thing.

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Lesley was so important to Miley that she name dropped her in the chorus of her 2008 hit “See You Again.”

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Many thoughts were running through our heads on Sunday night while watching Miley’s infamous performance. But one question remained: “Is Miley’s best friend Lesley saying, ‘Oh, she’s just being Miley’?”

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But actually, it was more like this:

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Though she does appreciate your concern.


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Note: @The_Lesley has since deleted her Twitter comments.

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