Adrianne Palicki And Stacey Oristano Are The Cutest “Friday Night Lights” Co-Stars Of All Time

The women behind Dillon’s legendary Collette sisters talk Riggins men, the most controversial storyline in FNL history, and much more.

At the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas, in early June, cast members from the Lone Star State’s beloved series Friday Night Lights gathered to screen an episode and to look back on the show that continues to bring fans so very many feels.

Adrianne Palicki, who played Tyra Collette, and Stacey Oristano, who played her big sister Mindy, sat down with BuzzFeed to answer some all-important FNL questions, from choosing a Riggins man to that whole Landry (Jesse Plemons)-killing-a-guy thing, which, they assure fans, they never actually forgot about on set.

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1. What’s your favorite Tyra moment?

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Stacey was worried…for multiple reasons.

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And then she judged Adrianne’s lengthy response.

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Then, it was time for the big reveal.

Adrianne: “Beating the shit out of my mom’s boyfriend with a crowbar”
Stacey: “Getting into college!”

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Adrianne liked Stacey’s answer better.

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Then, things got a little serious when one of the most controversial storylines in Friday Night Lights history came up.

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And it was time for some real talk.

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2. What’s your favorite Mindy moment?


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It required some serious thinking (in similar head-tossing fashion).

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And this time, it was Adrianne waiting on Stacey.

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Finally, the results were in.

Adrianne: “When she felt insecure about being pregnant and had a breakdown to Billy”
Stacey: “Giving Becky back to Alicia Witt” [who played Cheryl, Becky’s mom]

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And then Adrianne learned something extra special about her Mindy scene of choice.

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Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor himself) wrote it based on a real-life interaction with his wife.


It was a perfect segue to our next question…

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3. Who is your FNL cast crush?

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The choice was obvious.


Adrianne: Kyle
Stacey: Kyle Chandler

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Because seriously.

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4. Who’s your favorite FNL character (and you can’t pick each other)?

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Not so fast, Stacey.

Adrianne: Tim Riggins
Stacey: Voodoo Tatum

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Adrianne was confused.

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So Stacey explained her fascination with Aldis Hodge, who played Voodoo.

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Adrianne could relate because of what happened when she first met Gaius Charles, who played Smash Williams.

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5. Billy Riggins or Tim Riggins?

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There were some internal struggles…

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And some guilt.

Adrianne: Tim Riggins
Stacey: Tim

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And some defensiveness (and a little miscommunication).

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And finally, some acceptance.

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6. Matt Saracen or Jason Street?

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Stacey was nervous…

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But Adrianne had no shame, allowing Stacey to gush a little.


Adrianne: Matty
Stacey: Matty

(Yes, they both wrote it the exact same way.)

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And then, they talked about their wine-and-tear-soaked FNL viewing sessions with Connie Britton.

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7. What’s your favorite thing about each another?

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They took a lot of time to write their adorable answers.


Adrianne: No matter what, even if we don’t talk for a year, she’ll still be there if I need her!
Stacey: 1. Same birthday 2. Real friends for life!

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As Coach Taylor would say…

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