’80s Gifs That Will Take You Back In Time

From big hair to dance crazes, everything was so much cooler in the ’80s.

1. A young Lisa Vanderpump was making music video history before Bravo was ever a thing

ID: 850991

2. And Madonna loved telling us her true feelings about all of the boys

ID: 851015

3. Young Whitney just wanted to dance somebody

ID: 851583

4. Bon Jovi was only livin’ on a prayer (and also had a ton of hair)

ID: 851584

5. Mick was bustin’ out all of his finest moves

ID: 851585

6. Annie Lennox knew what sweet dreams were made of

ID: 851588

7. Tiffany was fierce and perfect

ID: 851589

8. Venus was definitely her name

ID: 851591

9. Everybody was doin’ the rock lobster

ID: 851593

10. The world never stopped fighting

ID: 851594

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