10 Brands That Use Twitter And Are Doing It Right

Some people think Twitter is only for following funny celebrities and comedians. But that’s not true! There are actually a few brands that manage to build brand awareness while being pretty hilarious. Check out the iStrategy Conference in Chicago to learn more about digital marketing, and read on to see a few brands that don’t take themselves too seriously.


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Skittles might want to ease up on the “rainbow,” a bit.


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There are tons of other reasons, but sure, this is a biggie.


It doesn’t matter that the Michael Jordan account is fake. All that matters is that now, we’re all wondering what a hot dog wrapped in a Taco Bell taco tastes like.


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Who can go through this life without needing a little British humor every now and then?


Finally zombies are considered a real emergency!


Man, self-doubt is just the worst.


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What a sweet sentiment!

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