10 Ways To Procrastinate During A Boring Work Day

Because sometimes you need a break during a crazy work week! You deserve it. And if you want to play some old school games in a new school way, visit Arcade.Atari.com. It’s gaming reimagined with Internet Explorer.

1. Breeze through cute animal videos.

Chat Roulette drools, Cute Roulette RULES! The premise is the same. Flip through cute animal vids! If you get tired of one, just keep clicking to the next. The cute never stops.

2. See if you can draw Batman with your eyes closed.

It’s a lot harder than you expect.

3. Find new music that you’ll probably like.

Spotibot will create a playlist of music that you’ll probably enjoy based off an artist that you already like.

4. Play reimagined Atari games online on Arcade.Atari.com.

It’s old school gaming with new school fun! All reimagined by Internet Explorer.

5. Run through Wikipedia in 5 clicks.

The object of the game is simple: Try and get from one Wikipedia article (like “Grand Theft Auto”) to another (“Retail”) in the fewest clicks possible. You can race against other people (and even play on your phone).

6. Read some nice compliments.

This website is great when you need a nice pick me up. (Or when you need to come up with a nice compliment for your crush.)

7. Browse for stuff that you don’t really need (but want desperately!)

This website is a great collection of random/useless/cool things that you probably want. You don’t need a water jet pack, but c’mon, wouldn’t it be cool to have?

8. Draw a stick man… and watch him come to life!

First you draw a stick man, then the magic begins.

9. Make some haikus.

Because why not make
fun little poems that you can
share on your Twitter.

10. And for something really fun, split some circles.

It’s not lame. I promise! Just hover your mouse over some circles and make almost infinite colored fun. It’s super addicting.

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