10 Ways To Procrastinate During A Boring Work Day

Because sometimes you need a break during a crazy work week! You deserve it. And if you want to play some old school games in a new school way, visit Arcade.Atari.com. It’s gaming reimagined with Internet Explorer.

1. Take A Walk.

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Get some fresh air! You deserve it.

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2. Post Its.

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Totally epic.

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3. There’s always Solitaire.

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Never gets old.

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4. Play reimagined Atari games online on Arcade.Atari.com.

It’s old school gaming with new school fun! All reimagined by Internet Explorer.

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5. Start a ping pong tournament.

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Just clear off some desks and voila! Instant ping pong table.

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6. Decorate/Clean Your Desk.

Naphat_Jorjee / iStockphoto / Getty Images

A clean space goes a long way. It’s also nice to have some stuff on your desk that you actually like looking at.

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7. Browse for stuff that you don’t really need (but want desperately!)

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8. Doodle.

Gregory Kramer / Getty Images

Get those creative juices flowing!

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9. Throw some trash in a waste basket.

leungchopan / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Clean up and score some points.

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10. And there’s always the scanner/copier.

Shannon Fagan / Getty Images

Infinite fun.

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