11 Stunning Views Inside Everyday Objects

Literal inner beauty. Enough of focusing on the outside— what’s inside can inspire us all!

1. Leeks:

CC BY 2.0 / Ano Lobb / Via Flickr: 27384147@N02

3. Chocolate Bars:

robtek / Via shutterstock.com

4. Tulip:

CC BY-SA 2.0 / Alan Levine / Via Flickr: cogdog

5. Leica Camera Lens:

leicaplace / Via ebay.com

6. Avocado:

arka38 / Via shutterstock.com

7. Nautilus Shell:

Mircea Bezergheanu / Via shutterstock.com

8. Epic Sandwich:

Courtesy of Scanwiches / Via scanwiches.com

9. Tree Root System:

CC BY 2.0 / Aaron Escobar / Via Flickr: aaronescobar

10. Cigar:

Courtesy of Josh Madison / Via joshmadison.com

11. Car:

CC BY 2.0 / David / Via Flickr: 4lkna

Intel 2-in-1:

With Intel inside the possibilities are endless. Learn more about the innovation behind the 2-in-1 device. A tablet when you want it. A laptop when you need it.

Intel is proud to be inside the technology you love. How do you find your inner beauty? Look Inside.

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