21 Things New Yorkers Do Better

There is no arguing. New York is the best place in the world. That’s why Intel chose NYC as the first stop on its Experience Intel roadshow this May 16-19. Need a good reason? Here are 21 things New Yorkers do better.

1. If you think you’ve had a better reuben, you’re wrong son.

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2. Play it cool around famous people.

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Is that Alec Baldwin? Yeah he goes to my Starbucks. Is that Anne Hathaway? Yeah we go to the same spin class.

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3. Walking in New York is a sport within itself.

It’s like people from other cities don’t have anywhere to get to.

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4. New Yorkers are resilient, even in the face of tragedy.

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5. And though they get a bad rep for being cold, they’re always there to lend their neighbor a hand.

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6. New Yorkers have mastered the art of fake texting on their phones so that they don’t have to talk to you.

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7. Reminding people from outside the island of Manhattan that they’re not New Yorkers.

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Just because you work in the city doesn’t mean that you’re a New Yorker. That was a public service announcement for LITERALLY EVERYBODY FROM HOBOKEN.

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8. Drunk brunch is a staple of the New York lifestyle.

There is nothing relaxing about Sunday brunch. It’s an extension of your Saturday night and if you think you’re getting in without a reservation… HAHAHAHA.

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9. Every New Yorker knows that the train doors don’t close until you decide they close.

“Stand clear of the closing doors please?” We’ll take that as a suggestion.

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10. If it’s not New York Pizza, it’s not pizza.

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11. The same goes for bagels.

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12. New Yorkers dress better than any other city.

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New York Fashion Week is every week.

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13. Sarcasm.

There’s no greater wrath than a New Yorker’s side eye.

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14. Deal with creeps.

You know you’re a true New Yorker when you’re able to successfully navigate streets riddled with impersonators, knock-off furries, and “independent rappers” without breaking your stride.

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15. Fit their entire life into an apartment the size of a bodega.

Ikea’s model rooms have nothing on a New Yorker with a studio apartment. Their living room doubles as a bedroom and they can keep an eye on their cooking while in the bathroom.

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16. There is no better place for up-and-coming techies.

Foursquare, Gilt Group, and BuzzFeed are just three of the over 900 NY based tech start-ups.

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17. Jaywalking.

Sorry cars, we have places to go. The “don’t walk” sign is merely there for decoration.

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18. And on the other side of the spectrum… road rage.

Sure, you can’t blame drivers for getting mad when Seamless delivery boys are constantly cutting them off. Maybe.

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19. New Yorkers have a sixth sense for cabs. Their cab hailing arm starts to tingle when a cab rounds the corner.

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It’s POSSIBLE people from Jersey are good at that too….

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20. Show love for their city.

New Yorkers are known for having pride in their city. Through thick and thin New Yorkers will stand by their city 100%.

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21. And complain.

The only thing New Yorkers love more than loving New York is complaining about the city they love so much.

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And it’s home to kick-ass events.

Like we said earlier, there is no arguing. New York is the best place in the world. That’s why Intel chose NYC as the first stop of Experience Intel roadshow this May 16th-19th. Join us and explore a series of immersive, cutting-edge digital experiences and performances—by notable artists and creative thinkers—that let you both imagine and experience how an Intel-based device is different from any other.

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