17 Telltale Signs You Need A New Computer

Because nothing lasts forever, especially in the tech world. Is your computer long overdue for an upgrade? Create and submit your own #MyComputerIsSoOld meme for a chance to win an Ultrabook from Intel.

1. You use Kid Pix to touch up your photos.

ID: 962549

2. This is your idea of a mobile device.

ID: 968005

3. You use one of these.

ID: 962504

4. 360p is too hd for your monitor.

ID: 962632

5. “Under $18,000” sounds like a pretty good deal.

ID: 964759

6. Your mouse looks like this.

ID: 964761

7. Or this.

ID: 964781

8. Or even this.

ID: 964782

9. Half a screen is enough for you.

david__jones / Via Flickr: cloudsoup
ID: 967820

10. Your computer is in a pizza box.

ID: 968002

11. Your copy of Counterstrike is from 1998 and it’s still laggy. n00b.

ID: 968182

12. You turn on your computer when you wake up and hope it’s booted up by the time you take your shower and eat breakfast.

ID: 968191

13. Comic Chat is where you meet all of your internet babes.

ID: 968195

14. This is your idea of gaming.

ID: 968332

15. And this.

ID: 968365

16. 1 Gigabyte still sounds like a big number to you.

ID: 968223

17. And this.

ID: 968006

Inspired by iQ

If you qualify as any of the above, check out iQ by Intel for some much needed upgrade info.

ID: 968486

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