12 Of The Most Awkward Times To Be Naked

Try to make it through this post without cringing. Watch an all-new episode of Ink Master where the artists get up close and awkward with naked human canvases. Tuesday at 10/9c only on Spike TV.

1. While cooking bacon.

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2. At your office holiday party.

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3. At a funeral.

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4. While getting arrested.

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5. During a job interview.

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6. At a family reunion.

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7. At vacation Bible camp.

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8. While talking business at lunch with a big client.

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9. While Christmas caroling.

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10. While disciplining a teenager.

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11. While jogging.

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12. And at a baptism.

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While getting a tattoo:

Tune in to Ink Master, the world’s premier tattoo competition, Tuesday nights at 10/9c on SPIKE. Check out a preview of next week’s episode where the tattoo artists get up close and awkward with naked human canvases.

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