15 Reasons Why Breakfast Is The Best Meal Of The Day

Breakfast is just THE BEST. If you’re not eating it, you’re really selling yourself short because you’re not operating at maximum capacity AND you’re missing out on some seriously delicious food. Take a look at why breakfast is the king of all meals, and don’t forget to stop into an IHOP to try their new line of handmade Griddle Melts.

1. It’s Easier To Eat Fruit Because It Goes On Bread

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2. It’s Totally Sophisticated

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3. There’s Drippage And Oozage

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4. There Are Faces Everywhere

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5. It Allows You To Travel The World Without Spending Crazy Money On Airfare

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6. Everything Comes In Layers Or Tiers

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7. There’s More Art And Culture In A Latte Than In Most Museums

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8. There Are TWO Kinds Of French Fries In The Mornings: Homefries Or Hashbrowns!

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9. There Are So Many Beautiful Colors

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10. You Don’t Even Have To Get Out Of Bed To Eat It

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11. It’s Free At Hotels Sometimes!

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12. The’re Nothing Better Than Putting Cold Things On A Toasted Bagel

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13. You Can Put Bacon Anywhere

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14. It’s Essentially An Open Bar

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