13 Signs Your Reflexes Have Been Significantly Dulled

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1. You’ve completely forgotten how arms work.

2. And legs are a mystery you can’t seem to solve.

But aren’t they just, like, arms for our feet? Whoa.

3. Seriously, walking straight is suddenly a Herculean task.

4. And how did clothing get so darn complicated?

When did pockets become an unsolvable enigma wrapped in a riddle??

5. But you’ve got, like, zero problems with just playing it cool.

6. And you’ve mastered your “concentration” face.

Nailed it.

7. You can’t remember how even the simplest technology works.


8. Your dance moves are less “dance-y” and more “flail-y.”

9. And your depth perception decided to take the day off.

10. This is the only show you want to watch.

Hello, yes, I’d like to pizza 100 large orders please.

11. You’re not too sure how “great” your “great ideas” really are.


12. And you suddenly aren’t as awesome a driver as you remember.

Up in Smoke / Paramount Pictures / Via rebloggy.com
Up in Smoke / Paramount Pictures / Via rebloggy.com

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13. So maaaaybe you just shouldn’t leave the house.

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