New York City Celebrates After The Defeat of DOMA

The New York City Pride parade was held four days after the Supreme Court ruled on the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8. This is what it was like. posted on

1. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was there.

2. And so was Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

3. And Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Sen. Chuck Schumer: "I was the first senator to march in this parade, but I won't be the last!" @NYCPride

4. And this man pushing his dog in a stroller.

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5. (It was a rainbow dog.)

6. And this marching band.

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7. And these people wearing Golden Girls.


8. And this man in a giant cat mask.

9. There was plenty of dancing.

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10. And twerking.

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12. And motorcycles.

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13. Edie Windsor, the woman who defeated DOMA with Windsor v. the United States, was there.

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14. She was the grand marshall.


15. And people went crazy over her.

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16. And it was probably the best Pride ever.


17. The end.

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