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The 25 Best Super Powers From "The Tick"

Most the characters had useless super powers, but that never stopped them.

1. The Tick

Power: Super strength.

2. The Deadly Bulb

Power: Having a pig for a leg.

3. Zipperneck

Power: Having a zipper on his neck.

4. The Carpeted Man

Power: Having a suit made of carpet that he could rub to make an electric charge.

5. The Human Bullet

Power: Getting shot out of a cannon.

6. The Breadmaster

Power: Having weapons made of bread.

7. Multiple Santa

Power: Being able to clone himself.

8. The Living Doll

Power: Having smaller people inside him.

9. Sewer Urchin

Power: Being poky.

10. Eastern-Bloc Cowboy Robot

Power: Being a brain transplanted into a vending machine.

11. Pineapple Pokopo

Power: Having a pineapple for a head.

12. Barry

Power: Having a powerful shield.

13. Doorman

Power: Being able to detect people who were sidekicks and also flight.

14. Arthur

Power: A suit he could fly in and also accounting powers.

15. American Maid

Power: Super fighting skills.

16. The Mother Of All Invention

Power: Having a time machine.

17. Dinosaur Neil

Power: Being able to turn into a huge dinosaur man.

18. The Evil Bomber What Bombs At Midnight

Power: Having bombs.

19. Leonadro Da Vinci

Power: Being able to invent things.

20. Brain Child

Power: Being really smart.

21. Buttery Pat

Power: Being made out of butter.

22. El Seed

Power: Controlling plants.

23. The Ottoman Empress

Power: Controlling furniture.

24. Chairface Chippendale

Power: Having a chair for a face.

25. Die Fledermaus

Power: None.

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