The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

The Internet loves sloths and so should you.

5. Sloth with feelings

ID: 999949

6. Sloth that’s coming after Europe

ID: 1000400

7. Sloth that’s coming after your girl

ID: 1000031

8. Sloth that’s coming after you

ID: 1000049

9. Sloth that’s coming after everything you love

ID: 999957

12. Sloth that’s rolling

ID: 1000036

13. Sloth that appreciates a nice selfie

ID: 1000464

14. Sloth that appreciates a nice boob

ID: 1000398

15. Sloth that doesn’t care what you think

ID: 1000420

16. Sloth that tells it like it is

ID: 1000042

17. Sloth that’s just taking life one day at a time

ID: 1000343

18. Lustful sloth

ID: 1000438

19. Plotting sloth

ID: 1000022

20. Sloth that isn’t putting up with your garbage

ID: 1000026

21. Sloth that doesn’t care what you have to say

ID: 1000358

22. Sloth that’s only smiling on the outside

ID: 1000000

23. Sloth that can’t do subtle pick-up lines

ID: 1000019

24. Sloth with a heart that will go on

ID: 999998

25. And sloth that wants you to follow your dreams

ID: 1000441

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