The 25 Best Things About The ’90s "X-Men" Cartoon

It was the longest-running Marvel cartoon for a reason. And the reason was it was the best cartoon ever.

1. Professor X’s hovering wheelchair.

ID: 828962

2. That thing where Storm transformed her clothes with lightning.

ID: 827195

3. How Cyclops was always trying to calm Wolverine down.

ID: 828943

4. The fact that Jean Grey was basically naked and no one seemed to care.

ID: 826532

5. Same with Sabertooth.

ID: 829065

6. Every time Beast quoted the classics.

ID: 827414

7. Jubliee’s style.

ID: 828511

8. And the fact that her powers were wildly inconsistent.

ID: 827548

9. Jean Grey’s large majestic hair when she became Phoenix.

ID: 826546

10. Gambit in general.

ID: 828895

11. How Storm couldn’t use her powers without explaining what she was going to do.

ID: 827520

12. That one time Rogue wore that tight dress at the mall and fought a sentinel.

ID: 827342

13. Bishop’s big ol’ thighs.

ID: 827605

14. When the Blob said this.

ID: 827752

15. That one time Colossus showed up.

ID: 827541

16. And also that one time Nightcrawler showed up.

ID: 827988

17. The fact that all the townspeople coming after Nightcrawler had pitchforks and torches even though it was 1995.

ID: 828494

18. How Wolverine was always going on vacations to see old girlfriends in Japan or fight Sabertooth or something.

ID: 828912

19. The Days of Future Past storyline.

ID: 827631

20. That one time Wolverine read the Bible in a church.

ID: 828505

21. The handful of episodes Morph appeared in.

ID: 827355

22. That one time Rogue had to give Cyclops CPR and absorbed his powers.

ID: 827502

23. The Danger Room.

ID: 829201

24. Everything about Magneto.

ID: 827428

25. How Wolverine could only use his claws to slice robots because it was a kid’s show and humans aren’t allowed to get sliced.

ID: 826555

26. But most of all, this theme song, because it’s the greatest theme song in the history of theme songs.

ID: 826357

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