Remember That One Time Ellen DeGeneres Was On "American Idol"?

It was that one season a cute white guy who played the guitar won.

1. Remember that one time Ellen Degeneres was on “American Idol”?

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2. And everyone was really excited because everyone loves Ellen.

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3. But then we remembered she was going to be the only judge who didn’t have experience working in the music industry.

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4. But it was supposed to be OK because she was a music lover, just like us.

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5. She got along great with the other judges.

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6. And she did everything a judge is supposed to do.

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7. Except because she’s Ellen…

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8. …she had some fun with it.

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9. …and didn’t take it 100% seriously.

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10. And it made it more fun to watch.

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11. But in the end, Ellen just wasn’t suited to be a critic.

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12. Because she’s too gosh darn nice.

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13. And she quit after a season.

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14. But it’s been OK because she has had more time to dance.

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