11 Reasons Why Michael Jackson’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Was The Best

Before Michael Jackson, Super Bowl halftime shows only had marching bands and stuff and they were super lame. He single-handedly made halftime better for you and for me and the entire human race.

1. His entrance.

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2. The way he stood on stage for 90 seconds without doing a damn thing and it was still the greatest thing ever.

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3. The dancers.

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4. The dancers’ faces.

George Rose / Getty Images
ID: 847422

5. The hat flip.

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6. The moonwalk.

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7. His guitarist’s hair.

Stephen Dunn / Getty Images
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8. How he didn’t even care when this kid got in his way.

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9. The time he stood on the vent that shot up fog in a Messianic pose and screamed.

George Rose / Getty Images
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10. The inflatable globe that sprang up in the middle of “Heal The World” that would have ended the Cold War if it hadn’t already ended.

George Rose / Getty Images
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11. And most importantly, when Michael grabbed his crotch on national TV and no one cared.

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Relive the glory:

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