How Justin Bieber Spent Grammy Night

The Biebs was totally pissed he wasn’t nominated, so he broke the Internet.

1. Since Bieber got snubbed at the Grammys, he did a live stream instead of watching.

ID: 876794

2. But the live stream didn’t work.

ID: 876604

3. Because all of the beliebers tried to watch and the site crashed.

ID: 876801

4. But Justin did not give up.

ID: 876835

5. No, not at all. He tried a different website. But that didn’t work either.

ID: 876791

6. So then he tried to upload a video.

ID: 876846

7. But that took forever.

ID: 876862

8. So he gave up just tweeted a shirtless selfie instead.

ID: 876874

9. The end.

ID: 876876

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