A Protestor Ran Onto The Court During The French Open Final

A man ran onto the court during the finals at Roland Garros stadium in Paris.

1. A protestor ran onto the court during the French Open Sunday.

Matthew Stockman / Getty Images
Petr David Josek / AP

3. He was wearing a mask, holding a flare and had the words “kids right” written on his stomach in English.

Petr David Josek / AP

4. According to Getty/AFP, the man was an anti-gay protestor.

Michel Spingler / AP
Matthew Stockman / Getty Images
Michel Spingler / AP
Julian Finney / Getty Images

8. The protestor ran on as Spain’s Rafael Nadal played against David Ferrer in the final.

Michel Spingler / AP

9. Security was able to remove the man.

THOMAS COEX / Getty Images

10. There were also other anti-gay protestors in the stands.

Michel Euler / AP

11. They held a sign that read “France tramples on children’s rights” in English

Julian Finney / Getty Images

12. A security officer puts out a fire after the protestor ran out onto the court.

David Vincent / AP

13. Additional demonstrators also held a sign calling for the resignation of French President Francois Hollande.

David Vincent / AP

Security guy tells me that this was a protestor, was saying "France doesn't respect child rights." (Lost in translation factor: high)

— jon_wertheim (@Jon Wertheim)

Jon Wertheim


Security guy tells me that this was a protestor, was saying “France doesn’t respect child rights.” (Lost in translation factor: high)

15. Here’s video of the incident.

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