11 Photos Of The Shoes Kanye West Designed For Kim Kardashian

Kim wore the Giuseppe Zanotti stiletto heels Kanye designed in New York this week.

Kanye West designed some shoes for his girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

ID: 504397

She wore them when they walked down the sidewalk together.

ID: 504398

She wore them when they crossed the street.

ID: 504399

She wore them when they walked up stairs.

ID: 504405

She wore them while standing by stairs.

ID: 504406

She wore them while sitting down.

ID: 504412

She wore them when they rode in go karts.

ID: 504400

She even wore them when she drove a go kart.

ID: 504404

Here’s a close up of the shoes Kim posted on Instagram.

ID: 504408

And here’s a side view.

ID: 504409

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