13 Childhood Activities That We Kinda Miss

Let’s face it, a lot of the stuff you used to do with your parents was pretty darn cute. Honda’s Project Drive-In is fighting to keep a similar nostalgia alive.

1. Car games.

ID: 1502100

2. Family movie night.

ID: 1502111

3. Going to the zoo.

ID: 1502124

4. When this was still an acceptable form of helping your parents with yard work.

ID: 1515805

5. Reading out loud before bed time.

ID: 1502215

6. Sledding.

ID: 1502247

7. Playing card games.

Bi Dao / Via youtube.com
ID: 1526821

8. Going to a petting zoo.

ID: 1502259

9. Any silly time in the yard.

ID: 1502137

10. Putting on ridiculous made-up plays for your family. And they’re all like:

ID: 1503898

11. Playing with a sprinkler.

ID: 1503971

12. Making pillow forts that you could sleep in, if you were good.

ID: 1513845

13. Camping in the backyard and pretending you couldn’t easily go into the house for more provisions.

ID: 1513863

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