Why Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of Your Dreams

Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate the Criminal Minds star.

1. Let’s start with some basics, he has a ridiculously adorable smile.

ID: 1746519

2. He’s smart.

ID: 1496559

3. Like, really smart.

ID: 1747151

4. He’s dark and brooding and will understand all your angst.

ID: 1496572

5. And you’ll just want to hug him.

ID: 1496617

6. Which is great because he’s a great hugger.

ID: 1510708

7. Also, snuggling.

ID: 1510743

8. He’s really sweet and you know he would be a thoughtful and respectful boyfriend.

ID: 1496827

9. He’s a strong man, but not in an oppressively patriarchal kind of way.

ID: 1747696

10. Just in a comfortable with his masculinity kind of way.

ID: 1747668

11. He would take you on romantic dates.

ID: 1752535

13. He’s an artist.

ID: 1752928

14. He winks (and it’s totally not creepy like most winks).

ID: 1749180

15. Let’s be honest, Criminal Minds would probably be 100% better if it were more focused on him.

Wait, no that’s not what I had in mind.

ID: 1496497

16. Um, also, there’s his face. Just look at it doing different things.

ID: 1496609

17. Here he is in profile…

ID: 1499324

18. …looking dashing in this suit and playing with fire

ID: 1498184

19. …looking adorable with this kid

RT:“@ajcookofficial: “@nathanandy: Bro bruhs @GUBLERNATION @MekhaiAndersen ” Hair/face❤❤❤” the Kellogg brothers

— matthew gray gubler (@GUBLERNATION)

matthew gray gubler


RT:“@ajcookofficial: “@nathanandy: Bro bruhs @GUBLERNATION @MekhaiAndersen ” Hair/face❤❤❤” the Kellogg brothers

/ Via
ID: 1747582

20. And hanging out with this tiny kitty.

@GUBLERNATION cuddling with #Cairo aka tiny bat cat #moneyshot #criminalminds

— CM_SetReport (@CM_SetReport)



@GUBLERNATION cuddling with #Cairo aka tiny bat cat #moneyshot #criminalminds

/ Via
ID: 1747581

21. Just look at this man.

ID: 1499231

22. Also, can we talk about the evolution of his hair?

ID: 1496962

24. So, in conclusion, he is perfect.

ID: 1746692

25. Just perfect.

ID: 1749286

26. Oh, and here are some photos of him in high school looking absolutely adorable.

ID: 1509958

27. You’re welcome.

ID: 1746734

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