Why Matthew Gray Gubler Is The Nerd Of Your Dreams

Let’s just all take a moment to appreciate the Criminal Minds star.

1. Let’s start with some basics, he has a ridiculously adorable smile.

2. He’s smart.

3. Like, really smart.

4. He’s dark and brooding and will understand all your angst.

5. And you’ll just want to hug him.

6. Which is great because he’s a great hugger.

8. He’s really sweet and you know he would be a thoughtful and respectful boyfriend.

9. He’s a strong man, but not in an oppressively patriarchal kind of way.

10. Just in a comfortable with his masculinity kind of way.

11. He would take you on romantic dates.

14. He winks (and it’s totally not creepy like most winks).


15. Let’s be honest, Criminal Minds would probably be 100% better if it were more focused on him.

Wait, no that’s not what I had in mind.

16. Um, also, there’s his face. Just look at it doing different things.

17. Here he is in profile…

18. …looking dashing in this suit and playing with fire

19. …looking adorable with this kid

RT:“@ajcookofficial: “@nathanandy: Bro bruhs @GUBLERNATION @MekhaiAndersen ” Hair/face❤❤❤” the Kellogg brothers

— matthew gray gubler (@GUBLERNATION)

matthew gray gubler


RT:“@ajcookofficial: “@nathanandy: Bro bruhs @GUBLERNATION @MekhaiAndersen ” Hair/face❤❤❤” the Kellogg brothers

/ Via

20. And hanging out with this tiny kitty.

@GUBLERNATION cuddling with #Cairo aka tiny bat cat #moneyshot #criminalminds

— CM_SetReport (@CM_SetReport)



@GUBLERNATION cuddling with #Cairo aka tiny bat cat #moneyshot #criminalminds

/ Via

22. Also, can we talk about the evolution of his hair?

24. So, in conclusion, he is perfect.

25. Just perfect.

26. Oh, and here are some photos of him in high school looking absolutely adorable.


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