Why Chicken And Waffles Flavored Chips Are Just Plain Rude

Is nothing sacred?!

1. This is the southern* delicacy known as chicken and waffles.

*Or is it an LA thing? Or an NYC thing?

ID: 956322

2. This is a bag of Chicken and Waffles flavored chips brought to you by Lay’s.

ID: 956418

3. I know what you’re thinking, “Is this some sort of joke?”

ID: 956777

4. “Is this really happening?”

ID: 956817

5. Unfortunately, this is not an elaborate prank Lay’s is playing on humanity. Someone has decided to take the best explosion of flavor your mouth has ever tasted…

ID: 956348

6. …and turn it into a chip.

ID: 956335

7. So in case you missed that, here is a scrumptiously balanced mix of sweet and savory:

ID: 956494

8. Here is a chip.

ID: 956671

9. Here is the epitome of what brunch is all about: a playful yet soul warming meal…

ID: 956470

10. …a perfect combination of textures and flavors: the fluffy yet crisp waffles and the perfectly seasoned, juicy chicken.

ID: 956528

11. …and here is a f*cking chip.

ID: 956862


ID: 956910

13. Is blasphemy what’s hot in the streets right now??

ID: 957170

14. Have people lost all sight of what’s important in life?!

ID: 956811

15. Why, humanity?! WHYYY?!

ID: 957436

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