The Definitive Guide To Hosting A "Great Gatsby" Themed Party

Ain’t no party like a Great Gatsby party cuz a Great Gatsby party is…(SPOILERS).

1. Have an extravagant mansion. And a pool. And a Zebra (floatie?).

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2. Prepare elegant hors d’oeuvres and authentic desserts.

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3. Have fun dressing up!

Feel free to take cues from the movie on this one.

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4. Maybe avoid green strobe lights?

Art by Kate Beaton.

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5. Invite lots of shallow people that know nothing about you.

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6. But not the woman you love.

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7. Never introduce yourself to anyone.

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8. Spend the whole party crying on the inside.

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9. Don’t forget to invite that annoying friend who never shuts up and who is always just around, lingering. They’re gonna hear about it anyway.

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10. Walk around saying “old sport” a million times in a stilted accent and see how long it takes before someone loses it and kills you.

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11. Play rap music whenever a black person appears.

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12. Relatedly, feel free to make whatever music you want the soundtrack of the party. Anything mildly jazzy. Or not. Just whatever you feel.

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13. Stand around gripping the static image of the past that you’re so desperately holding onto.

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Take casual sips from your drink and hope the fireworks in the background distract from your slow descent into madness.

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14. Maybe don’t plan your party by following Leo’s lead?

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15. Actually, yeah maybe just dont have a party at all… Has anyone read the book?

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16. Spend all the energy you would have put into a party into making sure everyone knows you’ve read the book.

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17. Opine on the death of literature.

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18. Never die. Defy all known properties of the universe. Become a metaphor.

Dave Allocca/DMI/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images / Getty Images
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