23 Signs You’re Addicted To Bread

Someone once told you they’re allergic to gluten and you found yourself in a puddle of tears thinking of all the joys they are missing.

1. You identify with this dude from Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” video.

ID: 1391376

2. This is overwhelming to you because it’s all so freakin’ beautiful.

ID: 1391817

3. You’re grateful someone invented this system so you can get all your delicious bread in its freshest glory.

ID: 1411691

4. Literally all good things are made of bread.

ID: 1417882

5. There’s nothing more beautiful to you than things wrapped with bread.

ID: 1391840

6. Or things made out of bread.

ID: 1111983

7. Or any variation of bread with things because BREAD FREAKIN’ RULES JUST LOOK AT THIS THING IT’S A WORK OF ART.

ID: 1410962

8. Whenever you’re feeling down, you just retreat and take comfort in your bread.

ID: 1099281

9. You have no idea why anyone would include this in their foreplay because this is just plain disrespectful.

Unless they’re going to eat the bread afterward, which, while a little gross, would be acceptable.

ID: 1100550

10. Similarly, bread pranks are also downright rude.

Somebody better get some butter and eat all that toasted deliciousness!

ID: 1211844

11. Seriously, who are these people?!? BAN THESE PEOPLE.

ID: 1230904

12. You also worry about the people who have no bread variety in their life.

ID: 1100663

There are so many different types of bread to be had!

ID: 1418983

13. You know there is no such as going too far with bread-related products.

ID: 1100711

15. Such.

ID: 1391751

16. Thing.

ID: 1391821

17. We should all be celebrating bread bowls every chance we get. What a genius invention!

ID: 1411629

18. You’ve gone to great lengths to get your fix.

ID: 1124154

19. …and people are starting to get worried.

ID: 1144775

20. But they just don’t understand you.

ID: 1215408

21. Besides, you’re not alone. Esteemed luminaries from around the world have shared your passion for bread.

ID: 1099265

22. Esteemed luminaries far and wide.

ID: 1099296

23. Just looking at this makes you feel like you’re high. Admit it, you’re addicted!

ID: 1391769

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