27 Reasons Literary Nerds Will Love Tumblr

Book lovers and Tumblr were basically made for each other.

1. Because there’s something for everyone, even the bros among us.

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2. Because sometimes Tumblr just gets your mood.

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3. Because puns.

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4. And lovely new/old slang.

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5. Because book lovers just wanna love.

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6. Because you need this Yorick in your life.

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7. Because this new flirting method needs to become a cultural norm.

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8. Because Shakespeare.

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9. And Drakespeare.

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10. And Gucci Manespeare.

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11. Because sometimes you wanna reminisce about books that were meaningful to you.

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12. Because this is the only dating advice you need.

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13. Because sometimes you just have to shout with someone about the awesomeness of book fairs.

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14. And commiserate about the anguish of book borrowing.

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15. Because we all need a community to mourn with.

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16. And rant about adaptations with.

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17. Because someone needs to call out these tropes.

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18. And call out these conventions.

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19. Seriously, ALL of these tropes.

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20. And the underlying anxieties of your favorite genres.

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21. Because sometimes you need to take a moment of silence for you and your teachers.

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22. On occasion, an author might even respond to your post. And by “an author” I mean probably John Green.

His Tumblr is pretty prolific.

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23. As with Tumblr in general, fandoms are huge.

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24. Important questions are finally answered.

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25. You might not even look at books the same way again.

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26. Sometimes linguistics Tumblr jumps into the fray and things get a little meta.

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27. Basically, everyone’s a literary critic on Tumblr.

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