14 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From Nicki Minaj

There’s more to Nicki Minaj than her multiple personalities and ass for days, people. She’s got wisdom too!

1. Be assertive.

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2. Call the world out on its bullshit.

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3. Keep your hair game on point.

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4. Relatedly, perfect the art of the dramatic hair flip.

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5. Remember not to take yourself too seriously.

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6. Always take time to have fun with friends.

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7. And don’t be afraid to show your silly, unique self.

Besides, why do we even clap when we could just be twerking it out instead?

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8. Whip out your invisible dick to intimidate your enemies.

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9. Also important, call out everyone else’s dick game. Preferably in large, public gatherings.

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10. Casually dismiss all the nonsense.

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11. Don’t ever let anyone else try to define you.

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12. Remind everyone (and yourself!) that you’re only human.

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13. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: perfect the subtle and precise art of saying something without ever saying anything.

“An eye twitch says a thousand words.” - Ancient Proverb

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There’s the perfect eye-roll.

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The “who do you think you’re trying to play?” side-eye.

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The “everyone around me is crazy” eyes.

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The “don’t fucking touch me, I don’t like you” glance.

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The “vacuum hose in your face” twitch that shows just the right amount of crazy.

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The “I’m a little bit embarrassed for you so I offer this claw” face.

ID: 1108893

The “haters gonna hate but I’m not pressed” eye-roll.

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The “come hither so I can slay you” eyes.

ID: 1108573

The “I’m really quite concerned for you” eyes.

ID: 1108598

The “bow down before your queen” eyes.

ID: 1108726

The “you need to get your life together” eyes.

ID: 1108776

The “who’s trying to come for me?” jab.

ID: 1067156

The “seriously, try to come at me” snarl.

ID: 1108878

And, of course, the classic “I’m Nicki” shrug.

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14. Remember y’all, when in doubt, just channel your inner Nicki.

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