28 Celebrity Portraits On iMadeFace

The new iMadeFace app, available in the Apple Store, helps turn you into a cartoon. And of course, the internet is already on the celebrity fan art.

1. Nick Offerman

Getty Images/__username__ / Via mashable.com

2. Marilyn Monroe

facebook.com / Via http:/ / Getty/Hulton%20Archive/Evening%20Standard/Stringer

3. Johnny Depp

Getty/__username__ / Via facebook.com

4. Andy Warhol

Getty/__username__ / Via facebook.com

5. Christina Aguilera

Getty/Hannes Magerstaedt/__username__ / Via mashable.com

6. Al Roker

Getty/Cindy Ord/__username__ / Via allday.today.com

7. Lena Dunham

Getty/__username__ / Via mashable.com

8. Rick Ross

Getty/David Livingston/__username__ / Via instagram.com

9. David Gregory

Getty/__username__ / Via allday.today.com

10. Emeli Sandé

Made by her record company, Capitol Records

11. Anderson Cooper

Getty/Imeh Akpanudosen/__username__ / Via mashable.com

13. Ryan Gosling

Getty Images/__username__ / Via mashable.com

imadeface image by Mashable

14. John Lennon

Getty/Hulton Archive/ Keystone/__username__ / Via facebook.com

15. John Krasinski

Getty/__username__ / Via Twitter: @jimmyfallon

Made by Jimmy Fallon

16. The Jonas Brothers

Getty/Imeh Akpanudosen/__username__ / Via Twitter: @nickjonline

17. Mark Zuckerberg

Getty/__username__ / Via mashable.com

19. Miley Cyrus

Getty/__username__ / Via mashable.com

20. Beyoncé

Getty/__username__ / Via mashable.com

21. President Barack Obama

22. Steve Jobs

Image courtesy of Matthew Yohe / Via mashable.com

23. Amber Rose

Getty/__username__ / Via instagram.com

Made by Amber Rose herself

24. Wiz Khalifa

Getty/__username__ / Via instagram.com

Also made by Amber Rose “Lol I tried to make Wiz but he came out looking like Redfoo ;-)”

27. Questlove part one

On Feb. 18th, he tweeted this:

And on Feb. 19th, he tweeted this, with an attachement to the above image

28. Questlove part two

On Feb. 20th, he tweeted this, with a link to the above image

The newest version of the app was just released which includes, among other things, a wider variety of hairstyles.

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