20 Things Lesbians Are Tired Of Hearing


1. “You don’t look gay”

Were you expecting something like this?

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2. “Wanna have a threesome?”

ID: 939023

3. “So which one of you is the guy?”

ID: 938957

4. “You probably just couldn’t find a man.”

ID: 939661

5. “Are you going to hit on me?” (from other girls)

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6. “I’m just worried that if I’m friends with you, people will think I’m gay too…”

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7. “I’ll pray for you.”

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8. “Why do you hate guys?”

Art by ChaosLife

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9. “Lesbians all dress alike.”


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10. “Maybe you just haven’t fucked the right guy yet?”

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11. “Oh…can I watch?”

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12. “How will you raise a family?”

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13. “You’re probably just doing it to get attention from men.”

Nope, that was Katy Perry.

ID: 939029

14. “How do lesbians have sex?”

ID: 942653

15. “You’re not a real lesbian if you don’t do XYZ.”

Thanks for your expert opinion, though!

Getty/Michael Buckner
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16. “I’m into women. I guess that makes me a lesbian too heh heh.” —some dude

ID: 943087

17. “Wait…so how does scissoring work?”

ID: 943411

18. “You’re gay?! But you’re so pretty!”

Art by dailymistakes

ID: 943154

19. “Does it even count as real sex?”

ID: 943482

20. “[Insert anything here, really. People just feel compelled to say anything to you.]”

Art by Chaoslife

ID: 939034

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