20 DIY Ways To Pimp Your Bike

If your bike is your best friend, give it some TLC.

1. Simple Flower Basket

ID: 1554900

2. Mint Spray Paint Job

ID: 1554935

3. Simple Painted Bike Bell

ID: 1559922

4. Color Swatch Bike Wheels

ID: 1559963

The best way to use paint chips.

ID: 1559975

5. Paint Stick Basket

ID: 1559993

Get the directions here.

ID: 1559994

6. Crochet Bike Skirt

Get the pattern here.

ID: 1560081

7. Reel Bike Storage

ID: 1560150

A super cool way to give your bike a little extra storage. Directions here.

ID: 1560153

8. Tube Light Up Bike

Kristopher Michael / Flickr
ID: 1560179

9. Or try this….

ID: 1560391

This DIY makes your bike safer at night.

ID: 1560405

10. Matching Light Up Citi Bike Helmet

ID: 1554898

Click here to get all the tools and supplies.

ID: 1560323

11. DIY Wall Bike Rack Made from Old Handlebars

ID: 1560215

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 1560226

12. Daisy Bike Streamers

ID: 1560256

13. DIY Eco Bike Shopper

ID: 1560333

Get this insane bike hack here.

ID: 1560334

Check out the step-by-step video.

ID: 1560335

14. Graffiti Bike

Just grab some paint markers.

ID: 1560387

15. Crochet Bike Seat

ID: 1554966

Everything you need comes in this handy Knit Kit.

ID: 1554964

16. Pallet Bike Rack

You can salvage one from practically anywhere, and it makes a great bike rack if you’ve got a bunch of bike riders in your household.

ID: 1571330

17. Bicycle Planter

Learn how to make this here.

ID: 1571336

18. DIY Studded Snow Tires from Zip Ties

If you plan on riding in the snow, some simple zip ties wrapped around your tires will add some much-needed traction.

ID: 1571346

19. Mini Bike Bar

There’s no DIY for this, but if you have any carpentry skills whatsoever, you just might be able to figure it out.

ID: 1560162

20. Handmade Leather Cup Holder

There’s no DIY for this, but you can click here to buy.

ID: 1560203

Don’t forget to have fun with your bike.

Safety first! Please don’t drink and bike.

ID: 1560413

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