Posing Behind Vogue’s September Issue Is The Newest Fashion Meme

Inspired by Anna Wintour, the season’s latest trend is #Voguestagram.

1. Early Tuesday, Vogue posted an Instagram of Anna Wintour reading the magazine’s September issue.

The biggest issue of the year! And this year, it’s particularly big — 902 pages, which is the largest it’s been in a few years.

ID: 1534871

When Anna does, the world follows. Within a few hours, #Voguestagram-ing has become a full-blown trend.

ID: 1534953

3. Here’s Oscar De La Renta.

ID: 1534946

4. And the head of the CFDA, Steven Kolb.

ID: 1535019

5. Vogue staffers followed suit.

ID: 1534959

6. People started doing it… in the bedroom.

ID: 1535021

7. In the office.

ID: 1535024

8. And on vacation. Fashion memes do not stop for vacation.

ID: 1535004

9. Children are doing it.

ID: 1534975

10. Even dogs are doing it.

ID: 1534985

11. Lots of dogs actually.

ID: 1534996

12. And of course. CATS.

ID: 1535025

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